Helping your patients, together.

We know the care you give your patients goes beyond the office—and can include helping them get to their appointments. We want to make it easy for you to help Health Share patients with their trip needs.

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Planning trips for Health Share members

  • You can plan a one-time trip up to 60 days in advance. (See “same-day or next-day trips” below, for exceptions.)
  • Recurring trips can be planned further out for members who are receiving long-term treatment.

Trips are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Same-day or next-day trips

We request that you plan trips at least 48 hours in advance. You can also plan same-day or next-day trips if:

  • The patient’s provider wants to see them the same day. This can include trips for lab work or other tests.
  • The patient needs to visit urgent care, because the patient is sick and their provider is out.
  • The patient is pregnant and is visiting their OB/GYN, primary care provider, or urgent care.
  • The patient’s provider refers them to a specialist for a same-day or next-day visit.
  • The patient is going home from a hospital stay.

For all other trips, please call and plan a trip at least 48 hours before the patient’s appointment.

Operators are available 24/7.
(855) 321-4899
(711 TTY/TDD) or (503) 416-3955

For hospital discharges, please call (503) 765-9282 and press 1


What to expect:

We will make sure the patient is enrolled with Health Share, and verify that the trip is for a covered service.

The first time you call, we will get the patient set up in the system.

To plan a trip for a patient, please have the following information ready:

  • Health Share ID number
  • Time and date of pick-up for appointment
  • Name, address and phone number of health care provider
  • Dimensions of mobility device
  • Let us know if the patient will need extra help getting in and out of the car

Types of trips:

Our goal is to make sure every member gets the right type of trip assistance for their needs.

Types of trip assistance include:

  • Help paying for gas if the patient, or a friend or family member, is able to drive to an appointment
  • Tickets to ride the bus or MAX
  • Rides in taxis, wheelchair accessible vehicles, stretcher vans, and non-emergent ambulance

For private rides:

Pick-up and drop-off windows:

  • You can assign a pick-up and drop-off time for each ride request.
  • The driver will arrive within plus or minus 15 minutes of the pick-up or drop-off time.
  • For a will-call ride at the end of an appointment, the driver will arrive within 60 minutes of the call. 

Confirm, reschedule or cancel a ride:

Please provide the trip number when making changes to the patient’s ride request. The trip number will be given to you or the patient when the ride is first scheduled.